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Welcome to Images in Depth!

Images in Depth/Gullwing Lifecasting is an artist’s studio located in north Scottsdale, Arizona. The studio creates bronze sculpture based upon the human face, hands, or body. Depending on the customer’s desire, the finished art can be completely representative or as abstract as the imagination can produce. We have a large selection of pieces finished and ready to purchase, but our specialty is commissioned sculpture, using the client or a hired professional model as the basis for the completed objet d’art, then built to the client’s specifications.

Gullwing grew up in Bisbee, a small copper mining (pre-artists colony) town in Southeast Arizona. His formal education was in the field of Mechanical Engineering, and he has worked in the electric power industry and aerospace since he graduated from college. For the past two decades, he has also studied art, and has melded the hard science of engineering with the flexibility of sculpture. He has travelled to five of the seven continents and has made it his objective to visit art museums in as many cities as possible. The artistic cultures of this Earth, from South America to Europe, Asia, the Middle and Far East, enabled him to expand his mental images of science and art. Today, he lives in north Scottsdale, Arizona, and tries to visit at least one foreign country every two years or so, just to keep his mind open to the possibilities that lie outside of the comfortable zone of home.

His art centers around studies of the human body, and he is always attempting to create sculpture based on the figure. Although Lifecasting results in accurate realism, his final works reflect his creative interpretations of the medium. Most of his pieces are one-of-one art, never to be duplicated.

Please browse through the photos of Gullwing's work contained herein, and then feel free to contact him for additional information, to inquire about commissioning a custom work of art, to model for a lifecast, or to take a class in Lifecasting.